With decades of front line experience in heavy industry, the Xenco team have the knowledge, passion and agility to help you see beyond the surface and effectively tackle any business challenge.


experience × leadership × insight

The collective business acumen of our leadership team position Xenco as an ideal partner to assist in the most complex or critical of situations.


Michael Nucifora

An experienced heavy industry professional, Michael has a proven track record of driving significant organisational change in the areas of people, processes and systems. A passionate collaborator, innovator and strategist, Michael invests in strong relationships with clients to create urgency, ensure transparency and find the right balance of capability with systems and processes in pursuit of business goals.


Ruan Brown

Ruan is a highly skilled human resources professional adept at identifying and entrenching the right human capital to drive positive culture and behaviours within your business. With an innate ability to understand atypical business challenges, Ruan delivers innovative and holistic resourcing solutions that enable companies to negotiate the most demanding environments, achieve efficiencies and elevate performance.


Glenn Hunt

Glenn is a senior Supply Chain and Business Improvement executive with extensive experience in government, mining, manufacturing and construction sectors. With a meticulous approach and keen sense for identifying opportunities for improvement, Glenn designs and embeds programs and initiatives that have a transformational impact on business structures, processes, systems and people. Glenn balances operational needs with commercial imperative, using his comprehensive skillset to trim business costs and increase productivity.


Michael Hyde

Michael is a heavy industry professional with a pragmatic approach to business improvement. He draws on a broad knowledge of operations management, project management and engineering experience to provide technical solutions to highly complex business challenges. With an engaging style, Michael is a natural collaborator with the ability to develop constructive relationships with internal and external stakeholders across all levels of the professional spectrum.


Simon Rumore

An energetic and engaging leader with excellent communication skills, Simon is revered for his ability to build and nurture positive working relationships with clients and partners. With a deep understanding of strategy formulation and implementation for large, multi-layered organisations, Simon is a change management, business planning and risk management specialist that is adept at identifying and embedding key drivers of a successful business and culture.